1:76, Bus by Bono, Dart, Dennis / Transbus International, KCRC Bus, Northern Counties

100103 1:76 KCRC Dennis Dart (5xx)

圖片來源 Source of photo:Bus by Bono Facebook Page 模型資料: 模型編號:100103 (Model No.) 比例:1:76 (Scale) 生產商:Bus by Bono (Manufacturer) 物料:ABS (Material) 發行月份:2017年7月 (Released in) 限量:260 ( *只限於以下日期預訂 Only available for pre-order from 2017-04-29 to 2017-05-14) (Quantity) 車輛資料 (The vehicle): 生產商:Dennis (Make) 型號:Dart (Model) 車身:Northern Counties - Paladin (Body) 長度:9.8米 (Bus Company) 所屬公司:九廣鐵路 KCRC (Fleet No.) 100103A 車隊編號:501 (Fleet… Continue reading 100103 1:76 KCRC Dennis Dart (5xx)